Data Backup


Time Out! Computers DataVault

Time Out! Computers DataVault
Safe & Secure Online Backup

Unlimited Number of Computers

 Time Out! Computers DataVault lets you backup as many computers as you like using one account.

Over 60% of households have more than one computer and DataVault allows you to protect and recover from all of your machines unlike our competitors.

Backup your home, office and laptop computers all on one account for easy access to ALL your files from anywhere. With Time Out Computers DataVault Online Backup, all of your Computers are simply managed; no more juggling multiple accounts.

We have software for Apple Mac and Windows Computers.


Global Roaming Access

Because your data is being backed up daily to the Time Out! Computers DataVault Backup Server Grid – you can access your data anywhere in the world using just a web-browser. Never be without that critical file again.


One Click File & Folder Sharing

From inside the Time Out! Computers DataVault, My Account portal you can share your files with anyone with an email address. Never have a large attachment bounce again. Just share your already backed up data with your friends and colleagues. Or if you are a home user – easily share photos or videos.


Unlimited Versioning & Archiving

Unlike other online backup systems, we do not delete the file from your backup just because you delete the file from your computer. Other companies call this “archiving” and refuse to do it. If you delete your local file, they remove it from your online backup, storage. We call it “proper backup”. Over 80% of data loss occurs due to accidental deletion. With Time Out! Computers DataVault you can be rest assured that we keep every version of every file forever, until you tell us to remove it.


Enhanced Security & Privacy

The Data Vault system ensures complete privacy protection. Data Vault uses a three-tiered encryption system which encrypts data on the user’s computer, again in transit and finally when at rest in storage.
Users can also opt to use Data Vault UltraSafeTM which means that not even the Data Vault’s engineers can view the data stored on the Data Vault servers. Only the user who put it there can ever access the data.
This stands in contrast to most other online backup systems, where data is neither encrypted on your client, nor stored as encrypted data so as to prevent employees of the software vendor from accessing stored data.


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