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Ross Bladin – Managing Director

We Make Technology Simple For You!

Time Out! Computers can meet all your business Information Technology needs.    Whether it’s just replacing a toner cartridge for a printer or a whole computer   network No business is too big or too small.  Our Time Out! Computers   technicians are experienced servicing businesses with 100’s of computers and   Servers right down to a home office with just one computer.

Time Out! Computers value our customers needs and understand that your   computer systems can be the central point of your business.  We strive to make   our customer’s business work to their maximum performance by supplying them with   the highest quality in products and services.

New Computer Systems Time Out! Computers can supply your   business with new computer systems that meet any of your business needs.

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We can   supply a number of Server Solutions complete with automated backup, to high end   graphic design computer and Rip Box solutions, to basic word processing computer   packages. All our computers are made from the highest quality parts to ensure   the maximum performance and minimum downtime for your business.  We can also   tailor the look of our computers to suit your business and personal tastes. All   our Computers come with free Delivery and Two (2) years onsite warranty, in the   Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast Areas.

Network Design and Installation Starting   a new business or moving premises? Time Out! Computers can help you get your new   or current network running quickly and easily.  From small businesses to   enterprise size companies, we can supply and implement the system that suits   your business needs.

Internet Connections Not connected to the internet or not   happy with your current internet service supplier… 

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We use and recommend TPG as an Internet Service Provider. If you live in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast Area, a technician can come out to your business and sign you up. Once approved, our technician will come back to your business and setup your new internet connection, making sure your new modem and firewall are all setup correctly. Also to help setup you email program and spam filter. We will be able   to show you a few ways to use the Internet to your advantage. If you already   have a broadband connection but you are not happy with the service. Time Out!   Computers can do a “Quick Transfer” from most other Internet Providers to   TPG, causing you minimal downtime, generally only a few hours. If you have   more than one office in the same state both using TPG, the traffic between   them is FREE of Data charge.

Network & Internet Security Does your business have   a virus scanner, firewall, content scanner or even a secure server to hold your   most important information? 

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If not your information could be vulnerable to   being stolen, deleted or changed, having dire consequences for your business.    Networks are ever most vulnerable to threats from hackers, viruses, Trojans, or   even your own staff.  Time Out! Computers can help you secure, track and   backup all your information. Time Out! Computers uses leading edge software   and techniques to secure and backup your important data and information.

Backup Systems All of your businesses Data and Files can   hold all of your companies’ most important information, from emails, documents,   customer details, business transaction and a lot more…

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Having any of this   information lost due to hardware crashes, viruses, or malicious behavior can be   easily prevented with a backup system. A backup system can be as simple as   copying your data to a CD, DVD or data tape. Time Out! Computers can automate   this process with leading edge software or a simple scheduled command from your   server or computer.

Network Maintenance Time Out! Computers knows that   looking after your computers and networks can be a time consuming task. We can   take some of this work off of you with our network maintenance plans…

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Some things we can do for your business include having scheduled maintenance   visits, pre paid onsite support, phone support, online support, secure remote   control of your network, automated backup plans, and automated viruses scanner   updates.

Remote Office Setup Do you need to access your businesses   computer system at any time, from anywhere…

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Time Out! Computers can build a   secure system that allows you to do this. There are several tools available on   the market that can allow you to access other computers at your business, or   allow you to access all your information from home just as if you where sitting   at your desk in your office, easily and securely.

Networking More Than One Office Do you have more than   one office and want to connect the networks together…

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You can have both your   networks talking to each other sharing data and emails as if they where all in   the same location. No need to double up all your servers and data. It can all be   shared via the Internet.

Wireless Networks Sick of wires running everywhere in your business a wireless network will   solve your problem…

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Wireless is fast, cheap, secure and best of all mobile.

Be sure to have a qualified technician setup you Wireless Network. If it is   not done properly anyone in your area with a wireless computer can log into it   and cause all manner of trouble.

Website Hosting & Design If you haven’t already, it is very important for a business to have a   presence online…

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Click here to find out why.  Or do you want to sell your products online. Time Out!   Web Design can assist you with your web site. Time Out! Web Design specialize in website design and re-design, maintenence, newsletters, search engine optimisation and helping set up businesses online to sell to the world. . We also have affiliates that   can help you with logo design, hosting and other marketing solutions.

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