We LOVE to remove the STRESS and put a SMILE back on our Customers Face.
Its time that you took your IT support to the next level.
Remote Support

Our Remote Support services allow us to provide spontaneous support that you can get on with more important matters . Only an active Internet connection is required to allow us administering servers, workstations or home offices. Providing that same level of support, as if someone were physically standing in front of your machine, you are sure to save both time and money.

 Click here for Remote Support!

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Managed Services

Time Out! Computers is your Onsite IT Sales and Service Department. We are here to take the pressure and anxiety out of your everyday IT requirements. We are here to make your life easy when it comes to any IT problem you may encounter.

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Custom Built Computers

We build & upgrade desktop computers to suit your needs, whether for gaming, business or just internet surfing, our staff can help you build the right PC at the right price.

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